Sheikh Ahmad Shehab is the Ontario Chancellor for the International Association of Educators for World Peace, and was a candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Canada, in the 2003 municipal election.

Because of his long experience in the Hajj and Umrah industry, we can easily indicate that Sheikh Ahmad Shehab is one of the important pillars of our religious and education team. Sheikh Ahmad Shehab has performed Hajj and Umrah over 20 times, in which he led successful groups from Canada.

In addition to the preaching and advocacy activities of the Sheikh throughout Canada, he is also known for his political, religious, and social activities through which he was able to help the members of the Muslim community in Canada.

The Sheikh is also known for his since of humor, and he has a very famous TikTok with more than 79 thousand followers through which he gives light Islamic and social advice. Be sure to follow the Sheikh on TikTok to benefit from his good work. Click here for channel link.

Some of his achievements are:

  • Special advisor to the United Nations envoy
  • Journalist with the UN News
  • Volunteer for famine relief work in the Horn of Africa
  • Member of the Canadian Arab Press Council
  • Member of the Canadian Arab Media Federation
  • Community leader and traveling Imam across Canada, former Imam of Sheikh Deedat Centre
  • Marriage Counselor at the Islamic Information and Da’wah Centre
  • Public speaker in many community and fundraising events
  • Former President of Um-ul-Qurra Islamic School
  • President of a graphics and printing corporation
  • Built and developed many community centers and mosques across Canada
  • Delivers Friday sermons across Canada
  • Black Belt Two Degree Taekwondo and Karate
  • Human Right Canada Award 2006
  • Graduated from the RCMP Citizen Academy
  • Represented the community before the Government of Canada
  • Director of COMO (Coalition of Muslim Organization)
  • Mayor of Toronto frontrunner 2003
  • President of Save a Soul Dawah Production
  • President of CSIS ( Canadian Social Islamic Services )